Red Beard is the name behind Canary Islander Jaime Jimenez Fleitas. The musician use Country rock and Southern Rock as the main axis of his music, along with Blues and bits of Folk. From that point and beyond, Red Beard spreads an imaginary world in which the outlaws carry the scriptures recorded in their guts. As Johnny Cash used to do, watching Jesus on fire while meeting the devil itself. Arid, penetrating and hypnotic sounds are the essence of their three albums: Nobody’s Gonna Bring Me Down Vol 1, and Vol 2 (released in 2014 and 2015 respectively), All or Nothin’

“When you listen to the band for the first time, it is surprising their Canary Islands origin, since they could have come out from any farm in Arizona or Alabama (Ruta 66)”

“We traveled around the rural landscapes of middle eastern United States, home of bluegrass; We knew the purity of Nashville's country music and we even walked on the Wild West when the epic that permeated “The Fence”, or the unreleased “From the Deep” filled the room. (Country Music España)”

“Naked and sober aftertaste of folk and blues with a heady and dirty elegance, paying tribute to Ennio Morricone and his Cinecittá. (Histéricas Grabaciones)”

“Interaction with the audience, through a balance and control of intensity, pauses & commentary, laying a stimulating and disturbing path. (Dirty Rock Magazine)”

“Luggage full of country, blues and folk from the old pioneers, with cinematic touches. Red Beard, a name to not forget. (Manolo Fernández, Toma Uno, Radio 3 -RNE- )”